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Harness the Power of Sleep Sprays for Better Rest

We've talked before about how paying attention to your sleep hygiene (the behaviors that either help or hurt your ability to fall asleep at bedtime) is an important way to make sure you get both better and higher quality sleep. And it may seem like a small thing, but improving your sleeping environment with a scented spray is one small but powerful thing you can do to help your body get that much closer to a better rest.

Most people take for granted how potent of an effect smell has on the human brain. Have you ever been walking around, suddenly smelled a familiar aroma, and instantly transported back to a moment in time where you experienced that smell that before? As you can see, your sense of smell is nothing to be trifled with. But you can use it to your advantage by surrounding yourself with the right aromas when you're ready to cuddle up under the covers at night. See sleep spray on Amazon.

How to Pick the Right Sleep Spray

First and foremost, the sleep spray you choose should be something that smells pleasant to you. If it isn't a scent that you'd like inhaling, then it'll probably be more distracting than it is relaxing. In a worst-case scenario, that could end up backfiring and keeping you up rather than helping you sleep. However, there are some basic, go to smells that are universally calming and soothing:

  • Lavender. It's hard not to equate the scent of lavender with feelings of sleepiness and relaxation. Lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, and everything else lavender-scented has been used for centuries in order to help people get better rest. If you don't like the scent of lavender, that's perfectly fine; but it'll be hard to find an aromatic sleep aid product without lavender in it.
  • Chamomile. There's a fun bit of science behind chamomile's effectiveness as a natural anti-stress remedy. People experience their highest relaxation and lowest stress levels whenever they have high levels of GABA circulating in their brain. When you have chamomile in your system, it helps keep those high levels of GABA in circulation. So if you find a sleep spray with chamomile essential oil in it, you know you'll be giving your brain what it needs to drift off into a blissful slumber at night.
  • Orange oil. Orange oil is another essential oil with relaxing benefits for your brain. How much does sleep problems can be traced back too stressful thoughts which keep you bold tossing and turning at night. But orange oil helps release endorphins, which calm your brain and reduce anxious thoughts.
  • Vetiver oil. Most people probably haven't heard of this one, but it's actually a very reliable sent if you use it to help you get to sleep at night. On top of that, the unique molecular structure of vetiver oil helps unlock the relaxing potential of other sleep inducing essential oils.
  • Ylang ylang oil. This Malaysian tree grows beautiful flowers which also have a potent aroma. Locals have been using this extract because it's enchanting fragrance is great for helping people feel relaxed and at ease.

What Sort of Benefits Can You Get from a Sleep Spray?

They're a pretty significant number of benefits you can get by using a sleep spray to help improve your sleeping environment. And when your bedroom is set up to be the ideal sleep paradise, your sleepless nights and tired mornings will quickly become a thing of the past.

For starters, it's not invasive at all. You don't have to take a pill, such as a dangerous prescription drug. You can just spray it around your room and let its pleasant aroma waft towards you. You can adjust how much spray you use, unlike an over-the-counter sleep remedy which may be too strong. And it absolutely won't leave you feeling groggy the next morning - it'll help you get the most natural sleep possible, which is ideal for an energetic, productive day.

Are There Any Concerns With Using a Sleep Spray?

For a small number of people, there could be. But the vast majority of people do not experience any side effects or negative symptoms from using a sleep spray. With all essential oils, there is a very rare chance of experiencing mild skin irritation. But it should usually go away shortly after you wash it off of your skin. If you think you're sensitive skin may be vulnerable to a reaction, or if you've had such reactions from using sleep space before, then you can remedy this by being careful where you spray it. Make sure you spray it on nearby surfaces where you can still smell the aroma, but it won't accidentally rub off on your skin.

Do Sleep Sprays Pair Well With Other Natural Sleep Remedies?

Yes, as a matter of fact, they do. You can use a scented sleep spray in conjunction with a variety of other natural sleep aids, making them all more effective as a whole. White noise machines, in addition to a high quality sleep spray, is great for creating the perfect environment to lull all of your senses to sleep. And you can even use anti blue light glasses during the last few hours of your evening if you simply cannot avoid the electronics. Such glasses help your body naturally produce more melatonin before bed. This, along with your sleep spray, will get your body right where it needs to be for a great night sleep.

Whether you use your sleep spray combined with the other methods mentioned above, or you just want to start with the sleep spray, you should combine it with a safe, natural sleep aid for maximum results. Formulas like Avinol PM contain a potent, healthy mix of natural botanicals and extracts that will help you get relaxed and ready for bed from the inside out. So with a pleasant smell, the right bedroom atmosphere, and some Avinol PM before bed, it'll be difficult for you not to get a good night's sleep.

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